"Everyone deserves a chance to succeed; we help build the pathways to success. "

Feuerstein for Educational Equality

Where we come from dictates more than our appearance. Our origins determine our culture, language, dress, values and behaviors. It molds the way that we are taught to think, analyze and learn.

In centuries passed, travel was limited and people primarily stayed in the land of their ancestors. The same is not true today. Homogenous societies are being replaced by those typified by immigrant diversity. While this situation introduces new, rich cultures to the existing population, it poses real challenges to immigrants hoping to acclimate and prosper in their new surroundings. At the Feuerstein Institute, we help people facing cultural disadvantages overcome the challenges that prevent them from becoming an integral part of society.

What We Do

For most immigrants and their children, social integration begins in the classroom. Many students find that the clash of cultural norms and values coupled with evaluation that is not culture specific manifests itself in poor scholastic performance. This often leads feelings of inadequecy, which may further lead to students giving up on themselves, or dropping out of school. Additionally, standard evaluation exams prove an insurmountable barrier for many immigrants to university admissions or army service, and therefore to meaningful careers and social integration.

At the Feuerstein Institute, we have designed a paradigm to help these students succeed. Instead of utilizing standardized tests, whichcompare a student's performance to a set of preexisting expectations, we use Dynamic Assessment, an examination which measures the student's potential for growth. Coupled with Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment - which develops the students' learning skills - we have created a powerful set of tools to reveal the students' untapped abilities. This paradigm is used worldwide and altered according to the specific needs of the population it is being used with.

How We Do It

  • Our teaching and coaching techniques are based on the Feuerstein Method and utilize its tools.

  • Through the belief that every person deserves to find their place in society; every person is valuable and deserves the chance to succeed.

  • Every participant is throughly assessed before beginning an educational program, to identify their greatest potential, and given the tools to maximize their learning abilities.

  • We work with particiapants both one-on-one and in a group setting, in order to support their study efforts and maximize social integration.

  • We monitor our program participants progression and integration and intercede if we see they are struggling.

  • We offer guidance, counseling and support to all program participants, even after they have graduated from our programs.

 To learn more about our Educational Equality programs, please contact:

Merav Toledo


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