The goal of the Feuerstein Institute's Department of Educational Equality strives to change educational systems worldwide, so they are able to better prepare their students to navigate the dynamic and ever changing world. 

In today's world with its ever-faster changes of technology, systems, and applications, what matters it is not so much the amount of information you possess - it is your ability to apply it, compare, abstract, in a word - to think. Surprisingly, educational systems all over the world do not teach thinking and learning skills in a systematic way, but still focus on teaching information (sciences, mathematics, history, etc) - and mostly in a factual way.

The Feuerstein Method offers the tools, to be taught both  in-classroom and individually, to systematically teach our children and students to learn, and thereby give them the ability to think and succeed in a world of change.

We also developed tools to deal with some of the main issues that stand in the way of education, such as ADD/ADHD - through our Tactile Instrumental Enrichment.

Moreover, we understand that an individual's background effects how they learn and process. The Department of Educational Equality designs and operates programs (such as the one impelemented with Roma children in Slovakia) targeted to help students from all different educational and societal backgrounds to improve the way they think, learn and anaylze.

The Feuerstein Method can help the gifted child make the most of their abilities.
Everyone deserves a chance to succeed; the Feuerstein Method helps those who come from culturally different and underprivileged backgrounds build the pathways to success.
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