"We strive to return our patients to their family lives, their professional fields and their studies."

Traumatic Brain Injury Patients

A brain injury that results from a violent incident -- be it an accident or attack -- can be devastating. When brain injured patients are released from rehab, their families are often told that there’s only a small window of opportunity for improvement, and that once a certain amount of time has passed, the patient’s condition cannot improve further. At the Feuerstein Institute, we believe – and have demonstrated – that even after a significant period of time, brain injured patients can continue to advance and regain lost abilities. However, the method of treatment and intensity of treatment are very important.

When patients with brain injuries arrive at the Feuerstein Institute they undergo our unique Dynamic Assessment. As opposed to regular testing, which records a patient’s fixed status at a given moment in time, the Feuerstein Dynamic Assessment measures the patient’s adaptability – his or her ability to improve performance on a variety of tasks, with the help of a trained mediator.

After the assessment, a personalized treatment plan is built for each patient. The plan will typically involve a commitment of 2 to 4 days a week with various therapists working on memory, organizational skills, reading, writing, speech, physical functioning, fine motor skills etc. Each patient is assigned a case manager who coordinates between therapists and family, and makes sure treatment is progressing properly. The team of professionals includes speech and occupational therapists, social workers, reading specialists etc. Extensive use is also made of the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Tools (IE) which encourage cognitive rehabilitation on all levels.

In parallel, the Feuerstein Institute staff works with the patient’s family on creating an environment that challenges the patient without being overwhelming, so that the patient can progress toward independent functioning.

Treatment Goals:
* Improve orientation within time & space
* Advance cognitive, verbal and motor skills
* Build up independence and personal initiative
* Encourage emotional growth: adapting to new realities, finding meaning in change

For more information, please contact:

Lea Mittleman,  +972-2-569-3372

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