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Visual Impairment

The Feuerstein Method is a uniquely adaptable program that can help people at all stages of life, and at all levels, improve their cognitive skills. However, the workbooks and exercises that the Feuerstein Method generally uses to develop thinking skills are based on pen-and-paper exercises that are inaccessible to the visually impaired.

Now the famous Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Tools have been redesigned by cognitive psychologist Dr. Roman Gouzman, as Tactile Tools. These Tactile Tools enable the visually impaired to focus on, organize and process information in a way that works for them – and improve their cognitive skills! The Tools are being successfully implemented with students aged 5 to 30, and have been proven to work.

Tactile Tools are used to:
* improve spatial orientation
* develop fine motor coordination
* enhance exploratory behavior and imagination
* develop reasoning, hypotheses testing and analytic thinking
* facilitate the formation of mental images
* enable comparison between auditory and tactile information
* link verbal concepts with schematic images
* explore pictorial representations of facial expressions and body language, and improve communication skills

In short, Feuerstein-trained teachers, educators, and psychologists can use the Tactile Tools to supply visually impaired learners with strategies for both content-based and non-content studies.

For more information or assessment, please contact:

Professor Roman Gouzman or +972-2-569-3324


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