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Learning Disabilities

The Feuerstein Method has been highly successful in treating children referred to the Institute with learning disabilities, and also in group work with classes of schoolchildren deemed "slow learners." 

The process begins with a Dynamic Assessment, which reintroduces children to their own ability to learn and restores feelings of confidence and mastery. The assessment -- a series of playful tasks and puzzles that require varied types of analysis and problem-solving -- is done by a mediator who works through the assigned tasks with the individual child or group, and gives feedback which enables the children to see their cognitive abilities at work and improve their skills on the spot.

Individual assesment is followed by recommendations for further therapeutic work -- usually using the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Tools, which sharpen learning and problem-solving skills. In parallel, Feuerstein professionals will work with the child’s parents and teachers to show them how to encourage the child’s development. A special set of Tactile Tools has been developed for children with ADD/ADHD. 

The programs which run in school settings are typically several hours a week over the course of a year or two. The group undergoes Dynamic Assesment, in which each student is given worksheets with tasks to solve and then the group works together, under the guidance of a Feuerstein mediator, on tasks they found difficult. The mediator focuses the group on improving their problem-solving skills and exploring learning strategies that can be applied in similar situations. The mediator makes extensive use of the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Tools as the basis for further skill-sharpening and academic improvement. Teachers have reported dramatic improvements in their students' abilities to learn, and the Feuerstein Institute has been invited to run these sessions in hundreds of school, as well as to train teachers within the school system how to use the Feuerstein Method with the learning disabled. 



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