"People are living longer than ever before; we strive to help them preserve their mind and their dignity. "


Due to amazing advancements in science and technology and the decline in birth rates, seniors have become the largest growing population in the world. Concurrently, dementia and Alzheimer's have become worldwide health concerns. At one time, these were thought to be irreversible conditions. However, at the Feuerstein Institute, we have discovered that this is not the case; with proper intervention it is possible to slow down and even prevent cognitive deterioration among the elderly.

The clinically-proven Feuerstein Method uses Instrumental Enrichment Tools -- a series of tasks that exercise and strengthen cognition -- to improve the lives of the elderly. The tasks are multi-sensory, intensive and repetitive. The tasks focus on the retention and retrieval of memory and existing skills. They are mediated by Feuerstein professionals, who work to restore awareness, confidence and dignity to the geriatric learner.

The program format is extremely flexible and designed to fit the learner's schedule and ability to concentrate. Feuerstein professional also advise the patient’s family on creating an environment that reinforces cognitive skills, so as to maintain the individual's independent functioning for as long as possible.

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