"We believe that every child has the potential to learn, and to be meaningfully integrated into school and family life. "


The Feuerstein Method is a uniquely adaptable program that can help people at all stages of life, and at all levels, improve their cognitive skills. Now the method has been modified to suit the special needs of those with ADD and ADHD.

The workbooks and exercises that the Feuerstein Method generally uses to develop thinking skills are called Instrumental Enrichment Tools, and they share some similarities with the pen-and-paper exercises that can exhaust ADD/ADHD kids in school. 

In trying to find a new approach that would catch the attention of unmotivated schoolchildren, cognitive psychologist Professor Roman Gouzman decided to take advantage of the fact that sometimes doing things with one’s hands, using the tactile sense, can help ADD and ADHD learners to focus. He designed a tactile set of learning tools that enable ADD/ADHD kids to focus on, organize and process information in a way that works for them.

These revolutionary Tactile Tools are used to:

  • develop fine motor coordination
  • enhance exploratory behavior, imagination, reasoning, and hypotheses testing
  • facilitate the formation of mental images
  • enable comparison between auditory and tactile information
  •  ink verbal concepts with schematic images
  • teach the use of models and symbolic representation in subjects ranging from math and reading to science and geography

For more information or assessment, please contact:

Professor Roman Gouzman or +972-2-569-3324





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