The goal of the Feuerstein Institute's Department of Clinical Services is to help children and adults overcome cognitive, emotional, psychological and social disabilities. Our staff strives to identify and maximize each clients latent potential, with a view towards integration to the greatest possible extent. The Department of Clinical Services encompasses onsite clinics, develops and refines the Feuerstein Method for clinical use, and oversees training and operation of Feuerstein treatment professionals worldwide.


The Feuerstein Institute has developed a special adaptation of its method for ADD/ADHD learners: the Feuerstein Tactile Tools.
The Feuerstein Method has been proven to help individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder reach greater levels of interaction and functioning.
The Feuerstein Method has proven to be an effective form of rehabilitation for stroke victims, causing and hastening the regeneration of neurocells.
The Feuerstein Method has proven to be an excellent tool for treating children with Down syndrome; in many cases, children with Down syndrome treated by Feuerstein have been able to mainstream into normative classroom environments.
People are living longer today than ever before; the Feuerstein Method can help the elderly preserve and maintain their minds and their cognitive abilities.
The Feuerstein Method has been highly successful in treating children with learning disabilities, both as individuals and in group settings
The Feuerstein Method has been proven successful in rehabilitating brain injured patients and helping them regain lost abilities
The Feuerstein Method can be used to improve cognition among the blind and visually impaired
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