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Educational Programming

Worldwide, schools invest thousands of study hours in the instruction of mathematics, phonics and foreign languages, but fail to devote even an hour to teaching their students how to learn and think critically. The educational system overloads students with information, but falls short of providing them with the skills to comprehend and process the material they are taught.

For years, the Feuerstein Institute has worked toward introducing the Instrumental Enrichment (IE) program into educational curriculums around the world. The IE tools, which are targeted at learning how to learn, rather than focusing on the material itself, assists educators in teaching students valuable and crucial cognitive skills that can be applied in all subjects and to every assignment. What makes the Feuerstein Method unique is that the curriculum is set by the teachers themselves, based on their students' needs, rather than by an external educator. This allows the teacher the flexibility to assess and reassess the needs of the class, and how they themseles transmit information, which results in teachers undergoing a process of change as well.  

How does it work?

We design and test our educational enhancement paradigms in Israel. As a result, we run a number of programs tailored to the specific needs of special populations throughout the country, including the Arab, Bedouin, Charedi (ultra-orthodox), Druze and Ethiopian communities, as well as for gifted children. These programs are replicated and adapted for worldwide use.

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