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Dynamic Assessment of Children and Young Adults

Do you feel like you have not actualized your potential… and you're not sure why? Would you like to know how to maximize your performance?

Would you like to help your child improve their academic performance? We can help them learn to sharpen and enhance their learning skills!

The Instrument

The LPAD (Learning Potential Assessment Device) was developed by Professor Reuven Feuerstein, founder of the Theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiability. The theory states that every person has the ability to learn and change, regardless of their age, cultural background or disability.

The LPAD provides a specialized approach, in which the subject is an active participant in their evaluation. They work interactively with the examiner as a team to identify which cognitive functions are responsible for learning, as well as the emotional and motivational variables that influence their performance.

How does it work?

The examiner observes the thinking, comprehension and retention of what the examinee retains, in response to different styles of teaching. Unlike traditional educational and psychological evaluations, the LPAD is not based on information taken from scoring or single responses. Instead, the examiner observes repeated responses to verbal, numerical, pictorial, figural, symbolic and graphic tasks, and from teaching the examinee how to solve problems and respond correctly. The LPAD adds a rich perspective to the types of interventions that may be needed to optimize an individual's ability to learn. Together, the examiner and examinee reveal cognitive capacities and strengths, which can be utilized to surmount and overcome weaknesses and difficulties. This therapeutic process strengthens the sense of competence within the examinee, while simultaneously allowing for designing a detailed intervention program that will allow maximum actualization of potential.   


To schedule a therapeutic assessment in Hebrew, English or Spanish, please contact:
Dina Mellul   02-5693348 (Hebrew, Spanish)
Monica Paz  02-5693325 (Hebrew, English) monicap@icelp.org.il



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