Amir Study

Serving in the Israeli army is a unique experience. It is not solely about protecting and serving the country; it is where young men and women learn valuable skills and make important connections that they will  utilize throughout their entire lives. When a young adult is denied the oppertunity to serve, they miss out on a meaningful experience that will certainly effect their ability to integrate meaningfully into society.

Every year, hundreds of young adults of Ethiopian origin are deemed unfit for army service by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), due to their low scores on the army entrance examinations. Hundreds more are placed in menial positions, for the same reason.

The army utilizes static assessment for their recruits. In conjunction with the IDF and sponsored by the American Joint Distribution Committee, we have created a program in which we reassess those Ethiopian youths that were turned away with our dynamic assessment. We then enroll all candidates that we detect potential for meaningful army service into the Amir course, which teaches them the skills they need to undertake the demanding tasks they will face as soldiers.

Since the programs launch, we have evaluated over 3000 young adults. 95% were admitted into the Amir training course. 80% of the course graduates were then placed by the IDF into high level positions including; communications, intelligence, nursing and teaching. Our research studies chart the professional progression of our recruits once they have left the military and pursue professional positions.

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