Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment in Arab Junior High School

The project is a highly successful project we have implemented in Arab Schools in the center of the country (Ramle).

The project scope is five years, with the initial two years dedicated to build up capacity of arab-speaking Feuerstein trainers in Ramle, and create working examples of implementations in schools down the road such as the East Jerusalem educational systems.

Both the Municipality and us view the project as a potential game-changer in the educational system of East Jerusalem.

The findings reveal pre to post-Intervention improvements across all tests’ scores
•There were higher improvements in the low and medium performing classes than in the high performing classes
•The highest improvement was found in the Organizer and Numerical Progression tests, considered to be very difficult tasks
•The highest improvement in Reading Comprehension was found in the low performing group
•Although there is no control group, the amount of improvement in all groups can be attributed mostly to the effects of the intervention rather than to effects of time and familiarity of the tests.

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