Academic Integration Study

For decades, it has been the position of the Feuerstein Institute that static assessment examinations such as the SAT and the Psychometric are poor indicators of academic achievement. They are also biased towards a Westernized style of learning, placing learners from minority cultures, such as the Ethiopian population in Israel, at a real disadvantage. As a result, there are very few students of divergent background in prestigious university departments.

We developed a program to break down the barriers that prevent young adults of Ethiopian origin from gaining admittance to these departments. We select candidates who, apart from their low Psychometric scores, would be ideal for these departments and assess them utilizing our dynamic assessment examination, which measures their ability to learn. We then recommend the strongest candidates to participating universities  for admittance to their desired department.

Once the students are accepted, they undergo training in Instrumental Enrichment, a program which helps develop their cognitive and analytical skills. Throughout their time at university, we also offer them support in the forms of tutoring, counseling and advisement.

To date, 135 students are enrolled in the university departments of their choice through our program. The universities conduct annual assessment of our students. They have found that our students are doing just as well as their peers who were admitted through traditional paths. We are now engaged in two pieces of research regarding this project; (1) adaption for other populations and (2) measuring the integration of our graduates following their graduation.  

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