The Ruth & Henry Blake Rehabilitation Kitchen

In May, the family of the late Ruth and Henry Blake, joined the staff of the Feuerstein Institute and many of the young men and women who benefit regularly from "kitchen therapy" for the dedication of the rehabilitation kitchen in their memory.

Preoccupation with food is a significant part of everyday life and its preparation offers an excellent basis for learning a variety of skills, important for the individual and the family. The goal of treatment in the therapy kitchen both for the individual and the group is to provide clients with the facilities to carry out essential daily-life activities. Working in the kitchen with guidance and professional support gives them an opportunity and the conditions to regain cognitive and motor skills, in addition to certain social and emotional skills, that they may have lost after their head injury.


The late Ruth and Henry Blake, of London, were keenly interested in the Cognitive Rehabilitation program at the Institute and their family applied their bequest to the upgrading of the kitchen and its equipment as well as to providing university scholarships to therapists who will carry out research on aspects of cognitive rehabilitation after brain trauma.  

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