Instrumental Enrichment in Roma (Gypsy) Schools

The Feuerstein Institute has teamed up with ETP Slovensko, a Slovakia based organization dedicated to bettering the lives of the Roma (Gypsy) people, to bring Instrumental Enrichment into Roma Schools in Slovakia.

The Roma people are amongst the most destitute in the Western world. They suffer from unbelievable poverty, have been persecuted throughout history, and with a drop out rate of about 60%, are mostly uneducated. Together with ETP, we hope to bring about a dramatic change in their educational system that will inspire more Roma children to succeed, and complete their education.

The pilot project has all ready begun. This inaugural group includes 20 teachers and 140 children, twenty of which who have been pre-assessed using the LPAD. The teachers will be trained in Instrumental Enrichment, and closely supervised over the course of implementation.

The long term vision of this project is to provide policy makers in Slovakia with an effective tool for the education of children from marginalized Roma communities, whose abilities to be educated in standard schools using standard methods are dramatically limited. We are proud to be associated with this beautiful project, which brings hope and purpose to the Roma community.

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