Dear Friends, 

We send you our heartfelt good wishes for the coming year. We thank you for your interest in the work we do, and for your continuing support.

Since its inception and as you can see illustrated below, the Feuerstein Institute has brought hope to countless people all over the world and helped them reach their potential, regardless of their background, age or etiology.

Over the past year, we have seen the Feuerstein Institute continue to grow and lay the groundwork in order to effect real change in the fabric of society. We are pleased to share with you in this newsletter some of the exciting recent developments from the Institute. With the support of you, our friends and partners, the seeds of change we have planted will have the opportunity to grow and lead to the more integrated society we year to see.

May this year be for you and your families healthy, happy and prosperous.

Prof. Reuven Feuerstein, President
Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein, Vice-President
Chaim Guggenheim, CEO

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