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The UJA Federation of New York Partners with the Feuerstein Institute

The Feuerstein Institute is proud to acknowledge our newest project with a senior partner in education; the UJA Federation of New York. Following the success of the first class of our Ethiopian Israelis enrolled at Hebrew University sponsored by the Harvey and Gloria Kaylie Foundation, the UJA Federation of New York has pledged to sponsor a second class of students.


The Feuerstein Institute's University Program began three years ago. The program's goal is to make available to Ethiopian immigrants and other children from disadvantaged backgrounds a first rate education at a top Israeli university, that would not have been otherwise available to them.


For a millennium, the Ethiopian culture has been based on an oral tradition. Therefore Ethiopian youths have a significant disadvantage in the traditional psychometric tests administered by the universities and consistently under perform in them. Their low scores make them ineligible for admission to the better universities. Professor Feuerstein, who throughout his career staunchly argued that traditional IQ tests are not an adequate measure of intelligence, proposed an alternative. He requested that instead of these universities using the students' psychometric scores as a basis of admission, to accept them based on LPAD testing. Bar Ilan University was the first to agree to try out a class of such students; this fall, the third class matriculate. A year later, Hebrew University agreed as well, and now the UJA Federation of New York will sponsor this fall's incoming class, who will begin the first year of their three year coursework.


We are proud to report that through our program, Ethiopian students have been placed in a wide variety of university departments, including (among several others); Medicine, Law, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 


Due to the success of this program, Ben Gurion University in Be'er Sheva has announced that they will take part in this ground breaking program as well, and plan to roll the program out as of the 2013/4 academic year.


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