Summer à Paris

33rd Annual International Summer Workshop in Paris 


This summer the Feuerstein Institute held its 33rd International Summer Workshop in the City of Lights - Paris, France. This annual two week intensive seminar offers professionals an opportunity to learn the Feuerstein approach from the leading professionals in the method. There were over 230 participants from 29 countries, including Korea, Australia, Guatemala and the Faroe Islands. Participants this year got an extra special treat; this summer's seminar was hosted by Professor Reuven Feuerstein himself, for the first time in over five years!


"I cannot believe he came," gushed one enthusiastic participant from the Chinese delegation. "This is my fourth time attending Shoresh, and I always learn so much to bring back to my classroom. To actually get to hear the Professor speak in person... wow. It's incredible!"


The Professor, who celebrated his ninetieth birthday this year, led a number of the larger panels. Among them were the opening plenary, and an all day conference in honor of his birthday which focused primarily on the newest projects and innovations of the Feuerstein Institute. However, most participants agree that they will likely never forget actually getting to see Professor Feuerstein conduct LPAD assessments in person. Every distinctively encouraging "Bravo!" Professor Feuerstein gave the young children he was working with was met with thunderous applause.


It was not only conference participants who were thrilled at a chance to meet and spend time with the Professor. The Israeli Ambassador to France, Yossi Gal, hosted a dinner sponsored by the Feuerstein Heritage Foundation in his beautiful home in central Paris and addressed Professor Feuerstein with some very personal remarks. The dinner, which honored the Professor's achievements, was attended by friends, supporters and fellow academics.


The Professor also was invited to a scientific colloquium at the French Senate, co-organized by the OSE (L'Oeuvre de secours aux enfants) and the Feuerstein Heritage Foundation. The colloquium was attended by prestigious people from the areas of Medicine, Philosophy, Culture and Public Service and featured panel discussions on the Feuerstein Method and its application in the educational system. Testimonies were also given by children and parents who had been treated by the Feuerstein Institute.


At the end of the very full two weeks, the 33rd International Summer Workshop participants went home enlightened, energized about the new tools they've acquired, and exhausted from the non-stop sessions and special activities. Congratulations to all our newly certified practitioners. We look forward to seeing you at the 34th Workshop!

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