The Hazon Partnership and Marriage Preparation Program Expands

The Hazon Partnership and Marriage Preparation program prepares young adults with special needs for establishing and maintaining intimate relationships, and teaches them the skills required to run and maintain a home.

The pilot group, which consisted of 24 young men and women, saw one couple marry and four serious couples emerge. These five couples have graduated to stage two, during which the couples are provided with more intensive, private counseling sessions.

This program, a first of its kind, has attracted the attention of several Israeli ministries. Throughout the operation of the pilot, our team has worked to refine the program in accordance to the needs of the Ministry of Social Welfare, to suit 25 participants in a community housing framework. We have also engaged in ongoing discussions for adaption for the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Most recently, the Hazon program has been submitted to the Ron Committee of the Ministry of Health, who have thrown their support behind it. They have decided to sponsor the second cycle of the program, which is currently in the recruiting phase

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