Feuerstein School of Continuing Education Students Receive Student ID Cards

History was made when the young men and women from the Feuerstein School of Continuing Education gathered with their parents, educators and friends at the Knesset to receive their national student ID cards.

For almost two years, the students have participated in Course Ella, a 40 hour per week intensive program which prepares young adults with special needs to work as elder-care and kindergarten aides. In the first year, the students spent most of their time in the classroom, sharpening their empathy and listening skills and taking seminars on topics in psychology and anatomy. In year two, the focus was shifted so that the students spend more time in the field at their work-study locations, learning practical skills related to their future professions.

"The students work as hard as university students," said one of their instructors. "And they spend as many hours, if not more, working toward their goal. They deserve the same recognition for their hard work as any other student."

And now they have. In awarding student cards to the School of Continuing Education students, not only will our students enjoy the same benefits as all other Israeli students in possession of a student card, but we are also seeing a real shift in the perception and inclusion of people with special needs in Israeli society. 

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