Visitors, Visitors!

Autumn is a time for VIV - Very Important Visitors


This fall, the Feuerstein Institute was graced with a number of very important visitors, with the potential of leading to some very significant advancements!


The leadership of our Australian partners, the Independent Schools of Victoria (ISV), were our earliest visitors. We mentioned in our last issue that that ISV had been awarded a sizable grant to implement the Feuerstein method into their schools. With stage one of this project all ready well underway, the leadership came to discuss the next steps, and explore widening the scope and implementation of the Feuerstein Method in Victoria and throughout Australia.


The Landstede organization, our partners in the Netherlands, paid us a visit with Catent, their educational partners. They sent a group which included fifteen Catent school principals who came to learn about the Feuerstein Method, with a view towards implementing it into their schools. This marks another important phase in dispersal of the Feuerstein method throughout the Netherlands.


The Feuerstein Institute was honored by a visit from Carlo De Benedetti, Italian industrialist and philanthropist. A long time admirer of Professor Reuven Feuerstein and the Feuerstein Method,  Mr. De Benedetti came to discuss the possibility of opening a Feuerstein treatment center in Milan in conjunction with the Together to Go Organization. Subsequently, the new Feuerstein Treatment Center in Milan has opened its doors, and Professor Feuerstein and Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein launched the initial trainings at the center.  


We also received a visit from Zev Davis, member of our International Board of Governors. Dr. Davis was instrumental in acquiring the grant to support cognitive research from the Crown Family. Zev, we thank you once again for being our friend, ambassador and advisor.


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