Tidings from Abroad

 News from our friends in the United Kingdom

The Feuerstein Institute once again extends our gratitude to Margot Lew, the chairwoman of our British Friends of the Feuerstein Institute. On November 27, Mrs. Lew and her team of volunteer leaders held their first parlour meeting in London, at the beautiful home of Susan and Neville Kahn. The evening was dedicated towards raising awareness and scholarship funds for deserving Feuerstein clinical patients who desperately need assistance to subsidize their course of treatment. Aaron Karov, a graduate of the Center for the Cognitive Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured department, was on hand to tell his story, and discuss his long road to recovery. The evening was a smashing success, raising a significant amount of money. We thank the Kahn family for the use of their home, and our British Friends for their loyalty and friendship. We look forward to even greater success at their upcoming parlour meeting in February, at the residence of the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

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