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People to People - A New Paradigm  


For more than fifty years, the Feuerstein Institute has been dedicated to the integration of the special needs population into mainstream society. Our efforts do not stop when our clients reach 21; we continually develop new programs and offer courses through our School of Continuing Education to ensure that their cognitive development continues. One such course is the People to People program, which prepares developmentally disabled young adults to work with the elderly and young children.


The People to People was developed to address two very important issues facing society; the first being the lack of patient, quality caregivers for the elderly, and second being meaningful employment opportunities for young adults with special needs. The program has proven to be immensely successful in Israel - 97% of People to People graduates have found and maintained employment while also seeing a significant increase in their own level of functionality.


Fifteen young men and women are currently enrolled in the course. They train for forty hours a week, for the duration of a year. The curriculum focuses on interpersonal skills such as listening, being attentive and focused on the needs of their charges, as well as personal and cognitive development. In addition to skills needed for day to day, they are also being taught how to react in critical situations. Their parents are also expected to be active participants in this educational process, and meet as a group once every six weeks. As the People to People program advances to the later stages, participants will receive assistance in job placement, and settling into their new positions. When possible, the families of the elder-care receiver will be involved in the process to the caregiver's family, to make the situation as successful as possible.   

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