Our Newest Partners

 The Feuerstein Institute is Proud to Announce Our Newest Partners - the Crown Family and the Ruderman Family Foundation

The Crown Family 


We are pleased to announce our newest supporters - the Crown Family.  


For fifteen years, the Feuerstein Institute has helped hundreds of patients recover from traumatic brain injuries and cardiovascular incidents at our Center for the Cognitive Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured. We have seen amazing results; with our help, patients who were told that their situation was beyond hope have exceeded expectations and returned to their professions and studies. 


We graciously thank the Crown Family for their generous support. Their assistance allows us to conduct vital scientifically validating research proving the efficacy of Feuerstein Method in patients undergoing Cognitive Rehabilitation. This important research lays the groundwork for future development and expansion of the Feuerstein Institute.

The Ruderman Family Foundation


For decades, the Feuerstein Institute has been at the forefront of the social integration of the special needs population. We have continuously developed new paradigms to further advancement of integration efforts. We are excited and pleased to join forces with the Ruderman Family Foundation on a truly ground-breaking new project; the creation of the Pre-Marriage Intervention Program. This innovative program - the very first of its kind - has been designed to prepare young disabled couples for happy and successful partnerships and marriages.


Over the last two decades, the world has seen a marked improvement in the number of resources available to the special needs population. Still, the trend in Israel and the rest of the world remains to place young adults into group homes when they come of age, despite the fact that many of these individuals have the potential to marry and successfully start a family. This program strives to change that trend.


The program will commence in the coming months, and we have received support to run three cycles with ten couples per cycle (60 participants). The couples will receive training and counseling on a wide range of topics related to marriage, including intimacy, communication, household administration and financial matters and social activities among others. Continued guidance and services such as wedding planning will be available after graduation.


Once again, we thank both of our new partners for supporting the Feuerstein Institute in these important projects.

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