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IDF implements Feuerstein assessment for all recruits of Ethiopian origin!

Ha'aretz reports the IDF's widespread implementation of the Feuerstein Dynamic Assessment for all recruits of Ethiopian origin.

Since 2008, the Feuerstein Institute has operated the Amir program, which offers non-combat IDF recruits of Ethiopian origin the opportunity to be assessed using the Feuerstein Dynamic Assessment. The recruits who participate are trained in Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment before receiving more elite and exciting positions within the army, in fields such as intelligence and communications.

Our officers have flourished in their roles, proving that despite scoring poorly on the army entrance exams, they have the ability to perform as well as their peers. The IDF has now recognized the bias in their military testing, and beginning in March, all IDF recruits of Ethiopian origin will be tested using the Feuerstein Method.

The IDF is Israel's top professional and security body, and its adoption of the Feuerstein Method is a wonderful affirmation of the Feuerstein Method and its relevance for the integration of culturally different populations to mainstream society. This is so relevant in today's world - all over the globe.

The news was made public last week, and covered in the weekly periodical Ha'aretz. We are pleased to share both the news and the article with you.   

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