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The Professor Reuven Feuerstein Heritage Foundation

Ten years ago, Professor Reuven Feuerstein stood at the front of an auditorium packed with hundreds of students from all over the world. He said to them: "I am an old man - but, I cannot accept that children are dying in Africa and Asia. They are not dying from famine, from lack of clean water, or war or AIDS. They are dying because they lack education. I ask you all to help me to reach those needy children, and to change their lives."

Professor Reuven Feuerstein dedicated his life to helping children improve their cognitive abilities and realize their potential. From his earliest work with war orphans in Bucharest during WWII, to the Institute's most recent work with Roma (Gypsy) children in Slovakia, it was Professor Feuerstein's lifelong wish to bring his knowledge to the world's weakest populations.

To honor Professor Feuerstein's work, we have established the Professor Reuven Feuerstein Heritage Foundation (FHF). With the goal of "maximizing human potential," the FHF aims to bring the Feuerstein Method to all in vital need of learning and thinking skills as a means to open the door to an independant, protected and productive life. We will do so by training and coaching local teachers, educators, and professionals throughout the world by supplying them with the knowledge, instruments and guidance to implement the Feuerstein methods.

Help us to honor Professor Feuerstein - a true giant of kindess and human spirit. Help us to fulfill his dreams by helping those who need it most. 

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