"Everyone deserves a chance to succeed; we help build the pathways to success. "


The Feuerstein Institute is an international education, treatment and research center. Our mission is three-fold;

  • To develop programmatic and research based paradigms based on the Feuerstein Method, which teaches systematic thinking and learning skills.
  • To influence educational systems worldwide and assist them in better preparing their students to navigate the dynamic and ever-changing world.
  • To help children and adults from all backgrounds, religions and etiologies overcome cognitive, emotional, psychological and social disabilities and maximize their potential, with a view toward integration to the greatest possible extent.

We accomplish this goal through use of the Feuerstein Method, an unique educational system which uses mediation and specialized instruments in order to enhance learning potential. As a result, clients gain the knowledge and tools to reach beyond their manifest abilities and achieve even more than they have dreamed.

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