"The Feuerstein Method can help EVERYONE improve how they learn."

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Why Support the Feuerstein Institute?

The Feuerstein Institute believes that intelligence is not fixed; that people have the immeasurable ability to improve their thinking, learning and daily functional activities, regardless of age, background or disability.

Our methods are rooted in the belief that in order to bring about this change, there must not only be adjustment in an individual’s perception and understanding, but also in how they are taught. As a result of the method’s success and universality, the Feuerstein method has been utilized in several different clinical and education settings, by a wide variety of populations.

Due to our reputation, many participants seek us out from abroad, desperately searching for the help they and their love ones need. While our programs are moderately priced, our patients and their families incur great expenses both in Israel and at home while they join us for their protracted treatments. In choosing to endow a scholarship or support a department’s activities, you can significantly help change someone’s life. 

The Feuerstein Institute believes that no child should be left behind; we therefore accept all children, regardless of their family's ability to pay for treatment.

Ways to Give

There are a number of ways one can choose to contribute to the Feuerstein Institute. Every contribution, no matter how large or small, meaningfully affects our important and life changing work.

To help, consider:

Funding a student: Take a stand for equality in education and help fund a student's education.

Subsidizing a patient: By choosing to subsidize a patient, you are choosing to help someone improve their quality of life.

Purchasing Equipment: We utilize specialized equipment suited to persons in wheelchairs, with hearing aids and with other limitations.

Naming Opportunities

Donating a treatment room: As our therapies are multidisciplinary, our treatment room needs range greatly, from office type settings for reading and writing to gymnastic equipment for occupational therapy.

Support Research: Every one of our departments requires regular ongoing research. We use research to expand and perfect our methodology.

Establishment of a scholarship fund: In establishing a scholarship fund, you are choosing to help multiple people who could greatly benefit from your assistance.

Sponsorship of Programs: Sponsoring a program is wonderful way to help many people. It is also the primary naming opportunity to ensure that your loved ones will live on in perpetuity.

Capital Campaign

It has been the longtime dream of the Feuerstein Institute and its founder, Professor Reuven Feuerstein, to establish a Campus - an international epicenter for research, treatment and development. This has become imperative, due to the ever growing demand from all over the world for the Institute's knowledge. The Feuerstein Institute has therefore undertaken a major capital campaign, to make this dream a reality.

The Campus is the place where parents from around the world can bring their children to be diagnosed and treated, and leave filled with hope and a detailed plan of action to ensure that their child will lead full, happy lives. A place to establish a community for Institute graduates, where they can find meaningful employment  as receptionists, maintenance workers, assistant chefs and waiters. A place where educators, psychologists and other specialists can come to learn, observe and reasearch the Feuerstein Method and its applications.

The new campus will include all existing departments of the Institute, and permit their extension, as well as the development of new programs. The Campus will include:

  • Advanced treatment centers including; rehabilitation kitchens, treatment pools & sports fields

  • Preparation center for the family life of persons with special needs

  • Center for professional training for people with special needs

  • Research center with laboratories

  • Libraries and archive

  • Guest house for patients, their families and researchers

  • Student & conference center

  • Diagnostic center

  • Housing for the Institute's students

To learn more about donation opportunities, please contact:

Elisheva Degani Shtal, donorrelations@icelp.org.il, +972-2-569-3339

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